• albizia procera_440.jpg
  • allium tuberosum_440.jpg
  • argemone ochroleuca_440.jpg
  • barringtonia asiatica_440.jpg
  • brachychiton acerifolius _440.jpg
  • cenchrus echinatus 3_440.jpg
  • cereus hildmannianus 4_440.jpg
  • citrus latifolia_440.jpg
  • couroupita guianensis _440.jpg
  • enneapogon lindlayanus_440.jpg
  • eugenia uniflora pics.jpg
  • fimbristylis vaginata_440.jpg
  • hylocereus megalanthus_440.jpg
  • metrosideros sp_440.jpg
  • mimosa pudica_440.jpg
  • mussaenda spp.jpg
  • ochna serrulata_440.jpg
  • ochrosia elliptica _440.jpg
  • passiflora foetida_440.jpg
  • planchonia careya 2_440.jpg


All the plants in this website grow on Magnetic Island,

8 kilometres offshore from Townsville in North Queensland.

The island is the jewel in the crown of the dry tropics region of Queensland.

The plants described here may be found in the bushland

near one of the many walking tracks,

or by the roadside,

or in the parks,

or in private gardens.

 Plants may be found under their botanical names

or listed under their botanical families

or by one of their common names.

The flower colour section may help you to identify a plant.

Try to find out what tree that unusual fruit comes from.

The links page also has a list of books.

 The blog keeps you up-to-date with the Website.

Meet the author.

Please contact us with your feedback.

Reports of any broken links are especially welcome.


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