mangroves at Cockle Bay



Mangroves are shrubs or small trees that grow in coastal saline or brackish water. The term is also used for tropical coastal vegetation consisting of such species. Mangroves do not all belong to the same family, so I have grouped together here those described in this website.

      • Avicennia marina ssp. australasica (grey mangeove)

      • Avicennia marina ssp. eucalyptifolia (grey mangrove)

       • Ceriops australis (yellow mangrove)

       • Cynometra iripa (wrinkle-pod mangrove)

       • Exocaria agallocha (blind-your-eye mangrove)

       • Lumnitzera racemosa (white-flowered b;ack mangrove)

       • Rhizophora stylosa (red mangrove)

Recommended further reading on mangroves:

1. Mangrove Watch Australia website
2. Field Guide to the Mangroves of Queensland, by Catherine Lovelock free download

North Quuensland Plants, a new website from Cairns, has a particularly good section on mangroves.


Photograph © Donald Simpson 2014