lemon blosson




pronounced: roo-TAY-see-eye

the lemon family


Ruta was the Roman name for the herb rue, the type genus of the family. The family consists of woody shrubs and trees, and a few herbs. Many members bear spines. The leaves contain oil glands that are usually aromatic when crushed. The flowers are radially symmetrical, usually bisexual, and usually fragrant. There are commonly 4 – 5 sepals, more-or-less fused at the base or united into a cup. There are usually 4 – 5 petals, and they are usually free. There are generally the same number of stamens as there are petals, or twice as many. The ovary is superior, with usually 4 – 5 carpels, unilocular, with 2 – several ovules per locule. There is usually a nectariferous disk. The fruits are variable.