drumstick tree in fruit




pronounced: more-in-GAY-see-eye

the moringa family

Moringa is the Latinized form of murunga, the Sinhalese vernacular name of the sole genus in this family. These are trees or shrubs, with alternate imparipinnate leaves, the leaflets opposite, with entire margins. The inflorescences are axillary, paniculate, with anything up to 5 orders of branching. The flowers have 5 sepals, distinct; 5 petals, with a banner-like petal borne abaxially, distinct, 5 stamens, opposite the petals, alternating with staminodes. The ovary has 3 carpels and one locule, and the single style is hollow, with a gaping stigmatic aperture. The fruits are capsular, valvate, laxly dehiscent, and fibrous. There are 10 – 35 brown seeds. The bark exudes a straw or pinkish coloured gum.





Photograph © Donald Simpson 2014