Goodeniaceae  R. Br., nom. cons.

Samuel Goodenough, Bishop of Carlislepronounced: good-en-ee-AY-see-eye

the goodenia family

Goodenia was named for Bishop Samuel Goodenough, 19th century British natural scientist. The Goodeniaceae family is distributed mostly in Australia, except for the genus Scaevola, which is pan-tropical. Species in the family are generally herbaceous with spirally arranged leaves. Flowers have a single plane of symmetry. The corolla lobes often look trilobed due to two marginal wings, and are often divided down the middle. The ovary is inferior to superior, 2-locular but usually incompletely so, or apparently 1-locular; there are one to several ovules per locule. The style is surmounted by a pollen cup or indusium which collects and exposes the pollen; the stigma grows from the centre of the indusium.

Scaevola taccada - Sea Fanflower

Scaevola sericea (syn.) - Sea Fanflower

Illustration © Trustees of the British Museum

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